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BitBar: Menu bar plugins

With BitBar you are able to put anything in your macOS menu bar. I have a repository containing all the BitBar plugins I am using, including a plugin which makes it easy to control my Kodi configuration from this guide.

First of all it is recommended to install BitBar by using Homebrew:

# brew cask install bitbar
After installing you can create a directory for BitBar in /Applications/ to keep your plugins organized with the app itself:
# cd /Applications/
# mkdir BitBar && mv BitBar/
# cd BitBar/
Now clone my bitbar-plugin repository in a directory called plugins-repository:
# git clone plugins-repository
To separate your own plugins from my repository we first create another directory called plugins-enabled:
# mkdir plugins-enabled && cd plugins-enabled
Now create symlinks from the plugins-repository to the plugins-enabled directory. You can choose if you would like to use all of my BitBar plugins:
# ln -s ../plugins-repository/* .
Or just some of them like my Kodi addon:
# ln -s ../plugins-repository/ .
Now start BitBar for the first time and set /Applications/BitBar/plugins-enabled as plugin folder. You can add your own plugins in the plugins-enabled directory and update my plugin repository in plugins-repository.